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What It Really Means for Selling Your Home

If you want to sell your home in the future, it’s a great idea to check out what’s happening in the community. Unfortunately, it can be tough to gather all of that news, sit down, and see what it really means for selling your home. Maybe you’ve already had a life changing event and need to get the home sold sooner than later. Either way, you don’t have a lot of time to hop from site to site trying to filter out the noise. We did the work for you and found some news items of interest from Hudson and Essex Counties, NJ. Check them out below.

Medical Dispensary Planned for Hoboken

Recreational marijuana might not be coming to New Jersey, but expanded patient access to medicinal marijuana is already in place. Harmony Dispensary is hoping to catch the wave and open a second medical marijuana dispensary in Hoboken. This is undoubtedly going to bring more people to the area, so homeowners would do well to pay attention. Some buyers may give a property a second look if they are close to a dispensary.

Lenny Dykstra Moves to Essex County (Not Quietly)

It’s been a long time coming, but Lenny Dykstra is moving to Essex county. He’s going to call Livingston his home, which might trigger a few people to give the city a closer look. When celebrities make real estate moves, it definitely brings attention. You don’t have to be a baseball fan to hope that someone looks a little closer at buying your home quickly! It might sound crazy, but fans have been known to do weirder things…

Vacancies Filling in Newark – 24 Unit Development On the Way

Commercial real estate is its own animal, but more housing developments add to the local cycle of real estate. Simply put, today’s apartment tenants can become tomorrow’s homeowners, so it’s never a bad idea to check out how fast new apartment units are being put in. Newark may be getting some undeveloped property turned into something meaningful very soon. South Jersey-based Faro Development wants to build a 24 unit building called Gateway Apartments.

When people feel that they have a good stable place to stay, they’re much more likely to save up and take the next step towards homeownership. Who knows, they may choose your house for their future permanent home!

Weehawken Set to Continue Expanding Lincoln Harbor

If you didn’t know Lincoln Harbor was becoming a real estate hotspot, we forgive you. The planning board authority is looking at approving two new 18-story towers in Lincoln Harbor. New development naturally brings new people to check it out. Those that might be looking for a more traditional property are definitely going to see what’s available. If they know your home is available, they just might check out what you have to offer.

Ironside Newark Mixed-Use Development Gaining Steam

Potential homeowners are looking for cities that are constantly improving. It goes without saying that turning around a seven-story structure like the Newark Warehouse Company Building is certainly a challenge. The building will now be adapted into mixed-use development, called the Ironside Newark development.

By opening new retail space, green space, and new offices, Newark is making a strong investment that will also make an impact on the residential real estate market. Homeowners in the area looking to sell quickly can use this upcoming development to their advantage. People want to move where there’s activity, so this is definitely a good selling point.

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