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"I got a great quote for your home that makes $ense!"

~Honest Abe

How Does it Work?

Sell House North Jersey wants to make selling your home easier than ever. Our process works fast to save you time and money, and you won't even need to prep your home to show to prospective buyers. Also, paying for repairs or closing is a thing of the past! Quick and simple is how it should be, and we hope you agree!


1. Tell us about your home

Interesting details? Unique features? Something you're anxious about? No worries, you can't scare us!


2. We do some research

Once we get key info about the house, we'll research the area and learn more about the neighborhood.


3. We come up with a quote

No need to wait forever - we give the number you want fast! We send a cash offer, you choose a closing date, and bam!

Whatever Reason You Have to Sell Fast...

  • You Inherited

  • Costly Repairs

  • Done Renting

  • Quick Relocation

  • Avoid Foreclosure

  • Need Cash Now

It's All the Same

We buy homes and pay cash now.

People are Loving our Fast Cash Sales!


Everyone at Sell House was very helpful in finding a win/win solution for our property.  They helped solve our estate issues in selling the house. The staff was very kind, they were responsive at all times (very fast), even after closing and helped us out with follow up questions.

Joseph B.

Hoboken, NJ 07030

Dealing with Sell House was a pleasant experience. The process was streamlined and they are a very knowledgeable group to work with. I felt like there was nothing about the transaction that wasn't clearly communicated or represented. Everything went as planned, and very fast.


Jersey City

Sell House bought my house fast, in less than 30 days, while helping me with relocation needs and actually having people over from their team to assist on move-out day. They go above and beyond with everything, usually a big life event like selling your house is a stressful situation but they kept me confident and at ease throughout the whole process.



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